A billionaire heiress, who is an ingenious psychopath, unleashes a geo-engineering scheme that greatly accelerates the melting of the colossal, yet unstable, Greenland Icesheet — an event that sets in motion catastrophic global sea-level rise. The breakdown of civilization seems inevitable until a young Greenlandic woman, who is seeking redemption, takes action.


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Project update

The Searise Retribution is a story by Jeffrey Gibbs. The goal is to make a feature length film or a TV series that will bring this timely story to the world. Jeffrey is seeking advisors, allies, and collaborators in the film industry and beyond to help move this project forward. Please contact him if you have ideas to share for making this project a success.

Story notes and illustrations


The bio-engineered black algae grows a thousand times faster than normal snow algae. In just a few months an area of the Greenland Icesheet the size of France has turned from white to black. It is absorbing the sun's heat and greatly hastening the melting of the icesheet — resulting in a dramatic rise in global sea level.


THE VILLAIN — Zephrine Beaucourt.

She’s is a new kind of global terrorist that nobody is prepared for.

She is an heiress to a multi-billion dollar industrial empire and she had the algae super organism created in one of her biotech laboratories. She alone figured out that something as seemingly innocuous as algae could be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

For many years she was a generous environmental philanthropist. But she lost her mind by witnessing time and time again humanity’s inability to protect the natural world which sustains us. Now she is out to punish humanity for its sins by triggering a rapid global sea level rise that will displace millions of people and destroy civilization as we know it. She still thinks of herself as an environmentalist.


Zephrine and her henchmen have spent years secretly creating a network of hidden bases in caves and abandoned mines in the mountains of Greenland.


She has all sorts of ways to seed her algae plague across the icesheet.


The melting event she has unleashed has caused the biggest human refugee crisis the world has ever known.


The low lying places of Florida, the Seychelles, and Bangladesh were the first to be inundated by the rising ocean. Shanghai, Osaka, The Hague, and Rio de Janeiro soon followed.

Now everyone's lives are at risk — with the stock markets crashing and one nation after another declaring a state of emergency.


" Most people are unable to comprehend slow-motion disasters like global warming. So I decided to speed things up for your goddamn Stone Age brains! " — Zephrine Beaucourt


The world's militaries are out to stop Zephrine but they have no idea what they're up against.

Aima on snowboard.png

THE HERO — Aima Papaluk.

Aima, a young Greenlandic woman, is an accomplished outdoor adventure guide and a world-class professional snowboarder. Her indigenous knowledge includes being able to hunt wild animals with just a spear. Yet she feels that she’s an outsider in her own community.


Her best friend recently committed suicide and Aima thinks she's to blame for not intervening. Her grief and guilt are unbearable.


Aima has a hunch as to the whereabouts of Zephrine's hideout. She has set off alone with her snowboard and her hunting weapons with a determination to stop her — not so much to save the planet but because she is seeking redemption for not having saved her friend.

The Searise Retribution is a story created by Jeffrey Gibbs. He has written a screenplay for a film based on the story. The copyright was registered with the United States Library of Congress in 2016.  

Illustrations by Youngshim Gontijo.