The Opportunity

In the past year, a global movement of children and young people has flourished, as evidenced by climate strike rallies that have engaged masses of people. There is a need and opportunity to provide support and structure for young people wishing to channel their energies into additional activities to the climate strikes. Doing so will maximize the potentially massive contribution young people can make towards protecting our threatened planet. To that end, a new global youth initiative is being created that unites the enthusiasm and commitment of young people with the experience and expertise of seasoned individuals and organizations working in the fields of environmental conservation, science, communications, and entertainment. The mission of this new initiative is ambitious: to support millions of young people worldwide in advancing solutions to the climate crisis and helping secure vital global ecosystems including the Amazon rainforest and our living oceans. It will provide structured programs and tools to enable them to educate and mobilize their peers, help them focus their energies into bold advocacy campaigns that move governments and corporations to act, and support them in raising funds for grassroots solution projects.

The Flagship Event

RallyMusicEarth* will combine elements of a protest rally and music concert and will feature performances by acclaimed music artists, short educational film clips, and speeches by a diverse spectrum of experts and young environmental leaders. The first event, to take place in the USA in 2020, will focus on climate solutions with an emphasis on the protection of the Amazon rainforest — a key ecosystem for carbon storage and climate stability — that is facing grave threats to its existence. The event will be broadcast live on the Internet and will be designed to recruit audiences during the broadcast to join advocacy campaigns designed to motivate governments and corporations to act. Specifically, audiences will be encouraged to:

  1. Send messages to key global agro-businesses including Cargill (which have a major role in the clearing of the rainforest) and/or the retailers they supply, demanding they change their procurement policies in order to protect the Amazon rainforest.

  2. Send messages to European elected officials demanding that they not ratify the European Union–Mercosur free trade agreement until Brazil reverses its policies that encourage destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

Youth-organized local events

As a follow-up activity, young people worldwide will organize their own RallyMusicEarth events in their schools and universities. These events will feature musical performances and speeches by local young people. A downloadable kit for event organizers will include short educational videos on the featured Amazon campaign, which they will screen at their events. Youth audiences at these events will be encouraged to join the above mentioned advocacy campaigns. Additionally, these events will raise funds through nominal donations made by attendees. 100% of the funds raised will go to a diverse range of grassroots organizations in the Amazon rainforest that are on the front lines of efforts to turn back the onslaught of fires, road-building, and industrial development.

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Please become Involved

This new initiative is being developed by Jeffrey Gibbs, who has created many innovative programs to engage young people in protecting life on Earth, including campaigns for the Amazon rainforest. At this stage, he is reaching out to individuals and organizations in the entertainment industry who may wish to become involved in creating RallyMusicEarth. Please contact him if you have any ideas, suggestions, or support for making this important endeavour a success.

* This is a placeholder name, subject to change.